in Your Soul Space

in Your Soul Space

Let us co-create a space together.
A space to move, feel, explore and become still.
A space to be who we truly are – where the light is welcome and the shadows, too.

Your Soul Space is build for you to find the yoga course, meditation sitting, womens circle or community get-together that suites YOU. I am happy and thankful to support you on your unique journey. Explore the upcoming classes and events and see what your heart desires today.

With Janine every class is a new experience on the journey to yourself and into the world of yoga. For me personally in each lesson there is always a certain extra besides asana, may it be a reading of a yogic text or a new insight about the philosophy. The classes are very harmonious, always in the flow and I often wondered how I entered positions so easily which I didn’t knew before.


Yoga with Janine is THE weekly break from the stresses and hectic of my daily life. „Nothing needs to be achieved, everything is allowed“ is the guiding principle of the classes. Skilfully empathic and with a lot of expert knowledge Janine designs her lessons, in which my tensions dissolve more and more and which give me the space to let my breath flow freely. Thank you very much for this, dear Janine!


I enjoyed the yoga lessons particularly, because Janine makes them to a beautiful experience through her very unique ways. Reaching your own limits, switching off, letting go, coming to rest and going home relaxed… all of this is possible.